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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


First of all, Happy Birthday to Ryan! The man can now rent cars and lottery tickets... wait, rental lottery tickets? uh, whatever, you know what i mean... anyway, he's another year older and we're so glad he made it.

And now for the news:

For one, we're editing Outcasts. The footage came out great and our ideas for post-production are only making it better.

We're also meeting with local musician Peter Chavez to schedule production on his first music video. It's for a song off his new album Autumn's Revenge which is set to be released within the next few months.

And finally we're storyboarding for Noise. This is hands down our most time consuming endeavor right now, and at the top of our priority list. I know it sounds so simple, but let it be known that storyboarding is freaking hard!

I mean, crap! We have to draw out hundreds of little frames to represent each shot in the entire 90-minute film... it's like animating the whole movie (just for ourselves mind you), and then shooting it.

I don't know, even our cinematographer is wondering if we can't just wing it on set :-)

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