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Thursday, November 30, 2006

"I Know You Live" Music Video

Short films, music videos, and everything in between have been keeping us too busy to even update our own news...

These past few weeks have been dedicated to shooting a video for I Know You Live off Peter Chavez' new album Autumn's Revenge. Production has gone very smoothly mostly because of the band's highly professional dedication and working with the beautiful and talented actress Roshelle Pattison as the lead. She was a joy to work with and added a lighthearted spirit to the set.

Just two more half-days of shooting and the video will be sent off for post-production - where Ryan will turn it into a lightbox extravaganza of complex design and asymmetry.

And on the Short End of things... Outcasts has been officially locked down for picture! This is huge since Katy and Jason have worked around the clock to get every frame color corrected and timed just right. Now we've turned it over to our composers to write a beautiful score for us to record.

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