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Monday, March 12, 2007


We've had two fantastic days of production so far on Elan Vital. The actors have delivered wonderful performances and the footage looks gorgeous. Next week we add three more actors to the shoot for our biggest day yet - but with cast and crew like this, who can be worried?

In other news, Mutiny Universe is currently reviewing a plan to begin offering commercial video services to businesses aiming to reach larger market shares and increase visibility. Really? From a company who specializes in thought-provoking fiction? You bet. We can't get into too many details just yet but keep your eyes open - when you're on the lookout to get your business noticed, it starts with the goods and we've got 'em. "We're bulit on the idea of people with vision uniting for a creative purpose. People don't usually think of commercials as a creative purpose but perhaps that's something we can change. It's just one more thing we can add to our pallet," says MU president, Jason Loya. So, music videos, short films, features, and commercials within reach - nothing is too big or too small around here.

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