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Monday, May 28, 2007


It's been a great week for Mutiny Universe. Ryan finished the first installment of the new Radio Mutiny program, which you can download in iTunes or hear directly on our Mutiny Blog. His velvety voice plays deejay to the selection of independent musical acts pulsing vibrant, sultry sounds through the air during the half-hour show. His ecclectic range of performers feature the seductive vocals of Moxy Phinx, whose dangerously rich voice pierces the eardrums with tempestuous urgency. Also on the playlist is Starlight Cinema, an up-and-coming Sacramento band with the talent and ferocity to really make some noise in the music industry. Standout singer/musician Chelsea Williams also delights listeners with her catchy performance of "Run," a song with universal appeal.

You can catch the rest of Ryan's show here, and hear alternative bands Negatrude, Lythium, and Oliver Charles.

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