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Monday, September 17, 2007

Lowered Prices in the MU Design Store

We recently lowered the prices across the board on all the Mutiny worthy designs in our design store. We did this for a couple reasons. One is that I think anyone shopping for something unique and expressive should be able to pay the same price that I would want to pay. Nothing is more frustrating than the shopping experience in which I find something that is just right but have to pay through the nose for it simply because it's different that the one they sell at Old Navy (and everywhere else for that matter). The other reason we dropped the prices is that - the revolutionary .com that powers our store - has increased the cost of two sided printing. This may sound odd at first - why would we drop the prices if they have raised the prices? Is it because we're idiots? Well...the jury's still out on that one but the answer to the price question is simple. Cafepress does not charge us more for double sided printing - they charge you more for the extra logo. I didn't think it was fair for all the loyal fans of MU Designs to have to pay even more on top of the modest markup just to sport some hot designs. So I lowered out modest markup to an even more modest level. We make a little less per purchase but we don't lose your business which we greatly appreciate - and you get the same high quality counter culture that you're used to. Ok - now get shopping!

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