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Friday, November 16, 2007


That's right - Outcasts has been revitalized with an original song to replace the very unusable Staind song that once closed the film. The song, "Time (Lose Your Hold)" is written by Ryan DeRamos and performed by his band, The Society of Gloves along with Elan Vital star, Katrina Lenk as moxy phinx. "Time" is beautifully performed and perfectly appropriate in mood for the film, directed by teenage filmmakers, Sarah Loya and Kathryn Jackson. It also allows us the freedom to share the film with festival attendees around the world without being snubbed by Atlantic Records, owners of the Staind song that was once in its place. This will be Mutiny Universe's first festival run as a company and will pave the way for the upcoming and long awaited release of Elan Vital.

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